One Ring to Rule Them All

So…the magic ring. It really is magic you know, and it is a great tool to have in your crochet tool box and is one that can be difficult to master. It’s not that it’s super hard to accomplish; it’s just one of those things that is hard until you really get it and then it isn’t so hard anymore. When making a hat, or anything else that starts with a circle, there are two commonly used methods to starting said hat: one is to chain four and then join the chain into a circle and work around the circle you have created, and the second is to form a magic ring and work into it. What makes a magic ring so awesome is that when using the first method you tend to end up with a bit of a hole in the top of whatever you are working on, but with the magic ring you can pull the tail and close that circle right up. See, like I said, it’s magic! So, right now you are probably saying to your computer screen, “How does one make this magic ring of which you speak?” Lucky for you I am going to pass this knowledge along.

magic ring 1

Figure 1: Make a loop with the tail end of your yarn overlapping the working end.

magic ring 2

Figure 2: Insert your hook into the loop from back to front and yarn over with the working end of your yarn and pull through.

magic ring 3

Figure 3: Chain one. You have now formed your magic ring!

magic ring 4

Figure 4: Start working around the loop making sure you are also working around the tail. I single crocheted around mine.

magic ring 5

Figure 5: Here is the first stitch. Again, make sure you are working around the tail end. This helps secure the magic ring.

magic ring 6

Figure 6: When you have as many stitches around the magic ring as you need simply pull the tail end until the ring is closed.

magic ring 7

Figure 7: This is the finished magic ring. There is no hole in the middle. Just start on your next row and make sure you weave in that tail when you are ready to finish.

There you have it! The magic ring of awesomeness. Now go forth and embark on a crochet journey that will be a little better with the magic ring.



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