Frogging in the Cold

It’s cold and wet and icy here in the south at the moment and schools are closed. I have taken this opportunity to work on my scarf and I had to frog it after about 20 rows because I decided it was too wide. Often when making a scarf I make it too wide and never wear it because it is too bulky.

What is frogging you ask? Good question! Frogging is a term we in the knitting/crocheting community use to define the act of ripping a project apart down a row, multiple rows, or completely because of a mistake or because we just don’t like the piece and want to start over. Nobody likes to frog their work, it’s a little heart breaking if you are very far along in your project. I’m not sure who thought of the term “frog” or what the history of it is, but it kind of makes since because what sound does a frog make? “Rip it, rip it, rip it”

So, today during this “winter weather event” I am going to stay inside my warm cozy house and crochet my little heart out. I may even light a fire in the fire place, because the electricity might go out. Happy winter!

fire place


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