No it really is crochet!

I did actually end up without power on Tuesday night. It went off around noonish and didn’t get restored until about 7pm on Wednesday, so that was a good 30 hour gap of time with not much to do but WORK ON MY SCARF! That is exactly what I did too. I crocheted by candle light and I didn’t mess up! That was a miracle on all its own.

I’ve been working with this new stitch called the Tunisian crochet knit stitch with astounding results. You see, (I think I may have already said this) I can knit and I love the look of the stockinette stitch but I prefer to crochet because it is just quicker for me and we all like instant gratification. This stitch I am using for my scarf allows me to crochet using an afghan hook and produce the stockinette stitch. The way the yarn is worked through the stitches is basically the same way it would be worked with two knitting needles. It’s crazy how it works out and I am delightfully excited to finish this warm scarf and adorn it around my neck in this frigid weather we have going on. The sooner the better I say. I will post a picture tutorial soon. My scarf is not quite finished thought I am fairly pleased with my progress; knitting this would take me months and I’ve only been working on it for less than a week now and I’m over half way through.

tunisian crochet knit stitch


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