Zombies are coming!!

I am a big time T.V. nerd and I am super excited about the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead. In fact I am so excited about this premiere, which airs tonight at 8pm by the way, and such a nerd that I decided to make a cute little zombie pillow face guy in honor of this much anticipated episode!! I have included the pattern for this little guy below. I made him in about an hour or so, and I gave him to my son because he likes monsters and the zombie pillow face guy isn’t bloody or anything, he’s actually kinda cute. This would be a good project for scrap yarn too. So here is the pattern:

Zombie Pillow Guy

Zombie Pillow Guy

Materials needed:

Size H hook

Green yarn

Grey yarn

Black yarn


Yarn needle



With Green Ch 18

Round 1: SC in second chain from hook. SC across row, Ch1 and turn work.

Round 2-14: SC across. Ch1 and turn work

Round 15: With grey SC in first stitch, *SC in the stitch below the next stitch and the SC in the next stitch* repeat from * to * across. Ch1 and turn work

Round 16-26: SC across row, Ch 1 and turn work.

Round 27: With Green, SC across row, Ch1 and turn work.

Round 28-40: SC across row, Ch1 and turn work. Do no finish off!

Fold the now completed rectangle in half and SC up one side, I switched to grey when I reached the grey area to match colors. Starting at the top of the other side SC down switching colors if desired and leave the bottom open and do not cut off yarn or finish.

To make the round eye: Ch3, join with Slip Stitch and 6SC into the ring you made. Join with slip stitch to first SC, tie off and sew onto the face of you zombie.

For the rest of the face use black yarn and yarn needle to make it any way you want.

When you are finished creating your zombie’s face go ahead and SC about halfway across the bottom to close it up. Make sure you leave it half way open. Fill the zombie’s head with stuffing making sure you don’t fill it too full because you don’t want the stuffing pushing out of your stitches. Once you fill it as much as you want go ahead and finish SC across the rest of the bottom to close it up. Tie off and cut yarn, weave in ends.

Once your face is complete and the head is sewn shut you can now make it boarder. Use black yarn to SC around the entire square in the SC that were made when closing the square. When you reach the top grey portion that doesn’t already have SC stitches to work into just kind of work the stuffing down a little and pinch the top. SC into the top part of the square the should be where the crease would be if it were a piece of paper (does that make since?).

After you SC around the square Slip Stitch into the first SC, tie off yarn, finish, and weave in ends.

Enjoy your Zombie!

In the event of a zombie apocalypse are you prepared to survive? I am a firm believer that knitting and crocheting are not a hobby, they are a survival skill!!


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