Getting over a cold

Since it is still cold and flu season and I am currently getting over a cold myself, I would like to share my remedy for getting over being sick. About eight years ago I came down with what I assumed was the flu but couldn’t afford a flu test nor the Tamiflu to get well. I told my doctor as much and he recommended that I find some vitamin C and some echinacea.

I found some Emergen-C, you can find this at any grocery store or department store. It isn’t super expensive and is great for an immune system boost. It has Vitamin-C and B-12 to help give you a boost when you don’t feel great. I also found an herbal supplement called Esberitox. It is a super echinacea and is all natural. They come in a small chewable tablet. For those who don’t know what echinacea is, it is an herbal flower that boost your immune system. I also recommend finding a good echinacea tea when you’re sick, it is like magic.

Taking Emergen-C and Esberitox together will knock out just about any bug in the matter of days instead of suffering for a week. It knocked that flu out in about three days.

I do not claim to be a doctor and you should consult yours before taking any supplements especially if you are already taking medications because they may react in bad ways.



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