Finding patterns

As any crocheter knows, one can’t have too much yarn, too many hooks, or too many patterns. Books are great to find patterns and I have found many beautiful patterns in them, unfortunately what tends to happen is you buy a book for around $25 and only find one or two patterns inside that you like or will actually use. I have found a few books that I adore cover to cover, but they are few and far between. Thus the beauty of the internet; it is the biggest data base in the world after all. There are several sources that can be utilized on the world-wide web to find patterns for free or to pay the creator directly (and I like the idea that my money is going to the person that created the pattern and not their publisher). is my main source for patterns. It is basically the mecca of all knit, crochet, and now loom patterns. Most bloggers post their patterns on Ravelry and link to the blog post it originates from, so do yarn companies, professional designers, and there are patterns from books and magazines as well. One of the great things about this site is the way you can search for a pattern: select what your craft is, the size you are looking for, how much you want to pay (or free), what item you want, the size yarn and needle/hook, and much more specific info. Also you can see other member’s completed patterns when they post pictures and most of them will post comments along with the photos as to how well the pattern worked up and if they made any changes. I know there are many other sites out there like and even but Ravelry takes the cake in my opinion. I can lose myself for hours. My queue, yes you can create a queue to save the patterns you plan to make, has reached triple digits I think.knitted hood hat



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