Crochet Boutique review

As I have said in my previous post, it is difficult to find a book of crochet patterns that you can find more than on or two patterns you actually like and will make. The unfortunate issue with this is that most crochet books cost upward of $20 and one or two patterns just isn’t work that kind of money, especially when you can find so many free patterns online or so many patterns for $3 or $5 that meet your specification.

On book that I have in my personal library is Crochet Boutique by Rachael Oglesby. This book is filled with gorgeous and cute patterns that range from hats to bags to lamp shade covers. Each and every pattern is usable and feasible (meaning I would actually wear or use them). I highly recommend picking up this great crochet book and checking it out, it is definitely worth your time and money.

The picture below is a bag I made from a pattern in this book. It is super cute and since I made it with 100% cotton it will make a great tote for the pool or beach.



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