Those pesky tails

I know that adding a new color to your work can leave tons of yarn tails to weave in, and I HATE weaving in the yarn ends when I finish a project. It is the worst part of crocheting and knitting. Fortunately I have figured out a way to eliminate some of that work. Here’s what I do.

color 1

So, this is the beginning of a new row. I have completed my slip stitch in the beginning of the previous row and I am going to chain two with my new color to beginning my next row.


Here I have chained two with my new color. I keep the tail of the new color in the back of my work.


Next I am going to complete my first stitch, which is double crochet. I yarn over twice to begin my double crochet stitch. I then insert my hook in the next stitch from the previous row and yarn over, when I yarn over I am going to do so AROUND the tail of my added strand of new color yarn, constantly keeping it in the back of my work and just working around it.


I have completed my first stitch and I am making my second double crochet in this row. Again working around my tail from the new color yarn leaving it in the back of the work.


This is what the back of your work will look like when you have worked down the row a little bit. When you have worked in as much of the yarn as you are comfortable with or all of the tail you can simply snip it off.

I hope this helps eliminate some of the finishing work to a project for you. Happy crocheting!!



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