Pesky tails continued….

In my last post I talked about one of my tricks to keep from weaving in so many ends. I have another method for doing the same thing, it is a little different but has the basic end result. It’s just all about what is easiest and comfortable for you. Without further ado, here’s how.



color 1.1

I am going to begin my new row by chaining two with my new color (I’m working in double crochet).



color 1.2

When I I start my first stitch I am going to hold my tail with my working yarn and use them both. Here I have yarned over twice and inserted my hook through the next stitch, I am yarning over with the working yarn and with the tail of my new color



color 1.3

I pull the two strands through and it will look like this. i just continue with my work as usual, I am just going to hold the two strands together and work with them as one until the tail ends.



color 1.4

Here is what the start of my second double crochet will look like. You can see the two strands held together and I will work with them as if they are one.



color 1.5

The only down fall to this method is that the beginning few stitches will be a bit thicker than the rest but it isn’t significant. It is a matter of personal preference. When you are done you simply snip the small amount remaining of the tail that is sticking out, no weaving in required.

I hope this helps. Weaving in ends is the WORST!


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