Rug of t-shirts

I have been thinking about making a rug with t-shirt yarn for a long time and since I finally made some t-shirt yarn I have the means to do just that. Yesterday I probably started a rug three or four times before I felt comfortable with the technique I wanted to use. I thought about making an oblong rug but couldn’t get a good start that I felt comfortable with. Then I tried to crochet around the t-shirt yarn and make a spiral like the one I saw on Pinterest, but I loused that up because I couldn’t figure out how to make the starting circle without it bulging everywhere or falling apart. I ended up making a big circle and it worked out pretty well. Fortunately for me, my husband wears black cotton t-shirts just about every day. It’s kind of like the wardrobe of Doug.  So I had a lot of the same color to work with. I am going to figure out a way to add a splash of color to the rug once I get it the size I want it.


Here is what I have so far. Obviously it is not big enough yet, but you get the point.


The basic pattern is pretty simple. I used the magic ring technique and then SC ten into the ring. 2SC in each around, then increase with a SC in every other stitch, then SC twice between increases, then SC three times between increases and so on. I use a size N hook. I is a little tiring because the t-shirt yarn isn’t very stretchy and I crochet tight, so I arms got a little tired after a while and I had to take a break. Once I finish and figure out a way to add some color I will post the end result. I am going to raid some garage sales and thrift stores though to find some different colored shirts to use.




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