Use the force

I have been reading some of those “coolest weird things ever invented” and I thought I would share my “cool weird” crochet hook that I bought a few years back. My favorite crochet hooks, as you may have read, are the Clover brand ergonomic hooks. They are just so comfy to work with, and my hand doesn’t cramp up like out does with the pencil thin hooks. One day I wanted to start a new project but couldn’t find my H size Clover hook. Imagine my sadness when I went to my local hobby store and couldn’t find a replacement. What I did find however, is a light saber type hook called The Crochet Lite. This nifty little thing has about the same size handle as my beloved Clover hooks with a comfy grip. Also, IT LIGHTS UP! How cool is that? I can’t say that I have found much practical use for the light, except one bought of crocheting while waiting in the car for about twenty minutes around sunset. Once it got completely dark though, it didn’t light enough of an area to feasible work with. Too much eye straining.
So, there is my contribution to the list of cool weird inventions. I’m Star Wars sure somebody somewhere was watching  while crocheting a blanket in the light of the movie and suddenly thought the idea if a light saber crochet hook would be awesome.




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