24 hours with no technology

I was challenged by my professor to go a total of 24 hours without using any sort of technology. The only things I was allowed were a land line telephone and an am/fm radio. It wasn’t difficult for me, I was able to find other things to do. I was able to read my books, without my kindle, and work on my crochet projects I had going. I even took the opportunity to get out for a drive and went target shoot at a public range. I ended up going out to eat with a few friends that were staying with us, so no calling needed. I chose to wait until Saturday to complete this challenge because my husband was away for a while for his job and just got back on Friday. I couldn’t turn my cell phone off with him being four-hour away from me, nor could I go without my phone with my son in school without me. I have a huge appreciation for my cellphone because I remember life without them, and I had a forgetful mother. I spent many hours waiting on the curb for my mom to come pick me up because she forgot or she fell asleep. So, I completed the challenge and survived 24 hours with no technology.