Earth Day: Plarn


In the spirit of Earth Day I am going to share with you how to make plarn, yarn made out of plastic shopping bags. Plastic shopping bags end up floating in the ocean and lakes of the world and help fill the landfills of the country. Something we can do to reduce out carbon foot print is to reuse things that would normally be throw away. Reduce Reuse Recycle!

Step 1: Neatly stretch out a plastic bag making sure to fold in the sides the way they are made to be.


Step 2: Fold the bag in half long ways twice.


Step 3: Cut off the top and bottom of the bag.


Step 4: Cut the bag into 1″ – 2″ strips.


Now you have circular strips.


Step 5: Connect the strips by inserting one strip into another.

Put one end of a strip into the loop at the other end

And pull tightly, but not too tightly or the plastic might pull apart.

Not you have a doubled strand of plarn!



Grocery bag holder

I had an abundance of plastic shopping bags in various places in my kitchen (I reuse them for various things) and I decided they needed to be out of my way. A place for everything and everything in its place right? So, I came up with a plastic bag holder with elastic bands in the top and bottom so it can be filled and bags can be easily retrieved from it. Here is the pattern I came up with.

bag holder

Materials needed:
size H crochet hook
worsted weight yarn (since this isn’t going to be worn I just used Red Heart Super Saver yarn and it just came shy of using the entire skein)
two pony tail holders (the elastic kind, not a scrunchy or a rubber band, the ones that are covered in material, I just used two I had that are a little warn out)

Special stitch and abreviations:
sc- single crochet
sl st- slip stitch
dc-double crochet
ch- chain
popcorn stitch-dc 6 times in same st, take loop off of hook, insert hook in first st in the st you are working in, pick up the st you dropped and pull it through the loop that is on the hook. Sl st.

no gauge is necessary.


Row 1: 40 sc around one of the elastic pony tail holders. Sl st the the beginning sc, ch 1
Row 2: Sc around, sl st to the first sc from previous row, ch2
Row 3: *Skip first sc, dc into next sc. dc into skipped sc. repeat from *. sl st into first sc from previous row. ch 1. This will create an “X” pattern.
Row 4: sc in each dc around, sl st in to first sc from previous row, ch1
Row 5: sc in each dc around, sl st in to first sc from previous row, ch2
Row 6: *dc in each of next two sc. Popcorn stitch into next sc. repeat from *. dc last 2 remaining sc. sl st into first dc from previous row. ch 1
Row 7: sc in each dc around, sl st in to first sc from previous row, ch1
Repeat rows 2-7 until desired length is reached for project. (mine was 7 sets)
Last row: sc in each sc around, but you will be putting you sc around the second pony tail holder. sl st to first sc from previous row, ch1.

Row 1: Sc in each of the next 3 sts, ch1 turn
Row 2-26  : repeat row 1. Tie off.
Sew the end of your handle across from the beginning of the handle so that it is in the middle of the top of the bag holder.
Sew in loose ends.
Load up with all your clutter inducing grocery bags!!

And done!!!!
You can hang it on the door handle if you want. I used a push pin and secured it to the bottom of the shelf that is over my dryer.