Red Crush

I have been working for about six to eight months on finding a good wine and trying to develop my palate. I don’t like really sweet wines nor do I prefer a dry wine. I like them somewhere in between. One thing I do recommend when drinking wine is to take some sort of NSAID such as ibuprofen before you start. Even if you are only going to have a single glass the possibility of developing a headaches is pretty high. I generally end up with one any time from drinking the wine to the next morning. I’ve read that a high percentage of people have an allergy to sulfur and sulfur is used during the filtration process, especially with red wines. This is what causes the headaches most of the time. Mine tend to feel like awful sinus headaches.
With that being said I did try out a new bottle of red this his weekend. It isn’t a new product, just new to me. The one I chose was Red Crush made by The Dreaming Tree. This is a red wine blend. I will start by saying it is not for someone that doesn’t drink or like wine; it isn’t sweet, though it is considered to be on the sweeter end of the red wine spectrum. This wine was okay, I mainly chose it because I wanted something new and it is popular at our local liquor store. It would go well with a meal, I enjoyed it more while at least nibbling on something rather than relaxing with a glass.
I would recommend this wine to someone who already enjoys a good glass of wine.