Granny Squares

There are lots of books out there with wide arrays of crochet patterns and tips and tricks that, to be honest, can be found free of charge most the time. I find myself to be hard pressed to find a good crochet book that is really useful to me. One such book that I have managed to find is The Granny Square Book by Margaret Hubert. This book is full of nothing but beautifully delicious granny squares.
The granny square has been around for as long as our grannies have been, pun intended. In the 70’s they were plentiful in the form of shorts, vests, and all other forms of clothing. The beauty of the granny square is that, while you can make them as large as you like, you can also make them smaller, more traditional in size. Because of this traditionally small size, it makes the perfect scrap stash buster! All of those little balls of yarn floating around all lonely and feeling unneeded in the bottom of your stash or project bag can see the light of day again, or at least the light of the reading lamp by your bed.
Granny squares can be sewn together to make just about anything from pillows to blankets to bathing suits to wash cloths to purses and so on. The Granny Square Book provides its readers with so many granny squares to choose from in bright attractive colors that the possibilities are endless.



Smooth Transitions

When switching out colors in the middle if a row it can be difficult to get the two colors to transition smoothly. The piece I am currently working on is a graph pattern and it is a bit of a doozy. This project is the biggest I have ever made and it is taking me quite some time to complete; I have been working on it for about five months now and I am half way through it. Two or three rows takes me at least an hour. The way the graph is designed I have can’t turn my work at the end of a row; I have to work the next row with my left hand, and I am right handed. But, I like a challenge and it is a learning experience so it is ok. Unfortunately I can not share what the project actually is because it is a surprise gift for a family member, but rest assured that when I do finally finished it I will show it off because it is a gorgeous pattern.
Today I am going to show you how to smoothly transition from one color to another in the middle of a row. This can be done by getting to the point in the stitch when you are about to take that last step to complete the stitch (in this case it is two loops on your hook for a single crochet) and simply finish the stitch with the new color. So, to summarize with the single crochet example, you would have the loop on your hook from the previous stitch, insert your hook into the next stitch you need to work in, yarn over, and then pull up a loop leaving two loops on your hook. Next, yarn over with the new color you want to add and pull that loop through both loops already on your hook thus completing your single crochet. You now have a single loop on your hook in the new color and can continue on with your work until you need to switch colors again and complete the same process with the next color. Below are pictures of these steps. It is insanely easy and gives your finished piece a more polished look. Happy crocheting!