Camping outside



Spring has finally sprung and this girl is ready for some out-door activity. I have been cooped up in the four walls (well maybe more than four) all winter long, and it was a long one let me tell ya! This winter didn’t seem like it would ever end, we had a record number of snow days this year.

No more shall we suffer through another cold icy night with nothing to warm us but the fire. Ok, so that only happened one time, but still…it makes you appreciate the fact that you crochet warm fuzzy things. Am I right?

My husband and I have talked about taking my son camping before, but the idea of a small toddler toddling around an open flame just didn’t sit well with us. We put it off. I think the best starter would be a hiking day, and then after a few of those we can think about camping. THE GREAT OUTDOORS, HERE WE COME!!

And yes, I will be taking my hook and yarn…no electricity needed for that!



Making it my own

The scarf I am making is just a little different than the scarf I saw in the store that I liked. That’s the beauty of making your Owen accessories and such, you can make them just the way you like. I decided to go with all knit stitch instead of purl and knit because I love the look of the knit stitch. Also I went with a more neutral color because I am forever making things in bright pretty colors to find that I can’t wear the finished product because it doesn’t go with anything in wardrobe. Below is a picture of the scarf I saw in the store. It is pink and has a weirdly large lacy motif on one end and I really don’t like that. I’m not quite finished with my scarf; they always take me a while to finish because they are so long and I can only work on my crochet it my spare time. I am ready to be finished with it though because we are experiencing record breaking cold and it would be nice and warm.

No it really is crochet!

I did actually end up without power on Tuesday night. It went off around noonish and didn’t get restored until about 7pm on Wednesday, so that was a good 30 hour gap of time with not much to do but WORK ON MY SCARF! That is exactly what I did too. I crocheted by candle light and I didn’t mess up! That was a miracle on all its own.

I’ve been working with this new stitch called the Tunisian crochet knit stitch with astounding results. You see, (I think I may have already said this) I can knit and I love the look of the stockinette stitch but I prefer to crochet because it is just quicker for me and we all like instant gratification. This stitch I am using for my scarf allows me to crochet using an afghan hook and produce the stockinette stitch. The way the yarn is worked through the stitches is basically the same way it would be worked with two knitting needles. It’s crazy how it works out and I am delightfully excited to finish this warm scarf and adorn it around my neck in this frigid weather we have going on. The sooner the better I say. I will post a picture tutorial soon. My scarf is not quite finished thought I am fairly pleased with my progress; knitting this would take me months and I’ve only been working on it for less than a week now and I’m over half way through.

tunisian crochet knit stitch

Frogging in the Cold

It’s cold and wet and icy here in the south at the moment and schools are closed. I have taken this opportunity to work on my scarf and I had to frog it after about 20 rows because I decided it was too wide. Often when making a scarf I make it too wide and never wear it because it is too bulky.

What is frogging you ask? Good question! Frogging is a term we in the knitting/crocheting community use to define the act of ripping a project apart down a row, multiple rows, or completely because of a mistake or because we just don’t like the piece and want to start over. Nobody likes to frog their work, it’s a little heart breaking if you are very far along in your project. I’m not sure who thought of the term “frog” or what the history of it is, but it kind of makes since because what sound does a frog make? “Rip it, rip it, rip it”

So, today during this “winter weather event” I am going to stay inside my warm cozy house and crochet my little heart out. I may even light a fire in the fire place, because the electricity might go out. Happy winter!

fire place

Headband Patterns

One of the quickest patterns to whip up is the headband. It can be made with a thinner yarn to be worn in warmer weather or with a bulky or super bulky yarn for colder weather to keep your ears warm. Either way it is a great project for instant gratification. There are a lot of great patterns out there with lots of variety to choose from. You could pick one with a flower, a bow, a braided one, or just a plain one. Add in some creativity with color and the choices are endless. The latest headband I made is very simple; it came from the blog All About Ami and is her Knotted Headband pattern. I included a picture of my finished version of this pattern below. Here is a list of some of the many headband patterns available for free across the web with the blog/website name and the pattern name as well as a brief description of what makes each pattern unique.

Knot Your Nana’s Crochet: Braided Crochet Headband – This is a cute and simple braided headband. She has lots of cute patterns for babies and adults also.

Little Things Blogged: Summer Crochet Simple Headband – This pattern is very simple and can be made in any variety of colors to make for a cute headband in the summer. She also has many other great patterns available on her blog.

Craftstylish: Button-Bedecked Headband – A very unique pattern that can be embellished in infinite ways and color combinations. Linda Permann created this pattern and she is an amazing crochet designer. I love all her patterns and she has books available as well.

Classic Inez: Knitted-Look Flowered Headband – A big, thick headband that is sure to keep your ears and head warm. There is a pretty flower on it as well.

Hopeful Honey: Lady in Read Headband – Simple headband pattern that functional and fashionable. This one has a flower attached but you can put whatever embellishment you want on it or just leave it without one. She has other great patterns available also.

So, there are a few headband patterns for your crocheting pleasure. There are many more out there, so keep looking around and you will find the perfect one for you if it isn’t already on the list.

crochet headband