Barefoot Moscato

There are different levels of wine on both the white and red side as far as sweetness and dryness goes. It takes a while to build up ones palette to be able to handle the drier wines, but when you get to that point it is often hard to drink the sweeter wines. Those who have not worked on their wine palette tend to prefer the sweeter wines as the dry ones are a bit harsh for them.

Of the lower “value” wines to choose from, Barefoot wine has been winning quite a few awards lately. The bottle I have in my fridge right now boasts Barefoot to be the most awarded wine brand for “consistent quality, proven value” and I’m fairly certain that is of the U.S. made brands. One of the sweeter wines on the white wine spectrum is Moscato wine is one of the more popular. I can say that it is not dry at all but it is a little too sweet for me. My non-wine drinking friends tend to like it though, and I imagine if you are not a fan of dry wines it can be preferable to drier wines. I am thinking of giving Barefoot’s Crisp White wine a try, it just sounds good.




Valentine wine

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I would like to submit to you a review of one of my absolute favorite wines. This wine isn’t very sweet but it is not too dry either. My best friend isn’t a wine drinker and she didn’t really like it, but I am a wine drinker and I love it. It goes great with cheese or a good dark chocolate. Beringer white zinfandel is one of the best ones on the market if you ask me. This is a good not too sweet white wine that would be a nice addition to anyone’s Valentine date. It also makes a very delicious finish to a nice sushi dinner as well.

Beringer white zin