TV and Pretend Knitting

I’m sitting on my couch in the living room along with the rest of my family, we are watching TV. We are all enjoying some wholesome family program and all of a sudden there is a scene in which someone is “knitting.” It is extremely obvious that the actor/actress has absolutely no idea how to even begin to knit and that the long scarf hanging from the knitting needles was put there by some prop manager. This bothers me a little more than it should. “Obviously that girl (or grandma or woman) doesn’t know how to knit.” and then someone replies with “Why would they need to know, it’s just a TV show?” Well, when someone pretends to play a guitar they at least know how to pretend to hold their fingers over the strings for a chord and strum. Or, when someone is pretending to drive they know they have to hold the steering wheel and move it at lease a little bit. And if someone is pretending to cook they know they should turn the knobs on the stove. Why wouldn’t the actor pretending to knit be instructed on how to at least hold the needles right and move them in the right way. It is a slap in the face to knitters, well maybe it’s not that dramatic. But it sure is annoying to see.

The picture is of Sophia Grace and Rosie on Sam and Cat, a popular show on Nickelodeon, and the knitting needle is being held like a pencil pointed to the wrong spot in the work. I know I know, they are just little girls, but surely someone on that set should have been able to show her how to hold it right. Ok, I’m of my soap box, for now.

Rosie McClelland, Sophia Grace Brownlee


(Gwen reading and Ruby Knitting from



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