Pattern Round Up: Scarves

With the Spring season quickly descending up on us and Winter trying to make a break for it for the year, it is almost time to put away those cold weather clothes. Get those heavy coats, mittens, sweaters, hats, and so on that will go without use for the next several months and stuff them in a box to go in the top of the closet. Here in my part of the country, however, winter has a hard time making up its mind about whether it is gone or merely playing possum. So, since we are still having some nippy weather for the time being, let us take a look at a few scarf patterns that will do well in the chilly, yet not icy, weather.

One Skein Quick Crochet Scarves: from YARNGEAR. This is not a very thick scarf so it is good for the transition between seasons. Also, It would be quick to work up so it can be used for the last few chilly weeks.

This Long Crocheted Scarf: from Drops Design. This scarf is absolutely beautiful and I would love to make one, it’s just one of those projects I never seem to find time for. It would be perfect for a cool spring night around a camp fire. mmmmmm camping….

Shore Thing Scarf: from Red Heart Yarn. Again, this is a nice, thin scarf. Very light weight. Not so thick it will be too bulky, yet enough to wrap around a time or two to block the wind from your neck.

Taffy Pull Scarf: by Red Heart Yarn. This was one of my first scarfs to make. It has an interesting appearance and looks more complicated that it is. It works up quick and can be made very colorful for spring. I’ve included a picture of my version of the Taffy Pull Scarf below.




Headband Patterns

One of the quickest patterns to whip up is the headband. It can be made with a thinner yarn to be worn in warmer weather or with a bulky or super bulky yarn for colder weather to keep your ears warm. Either way it is a great project for instant gratification. There are a lot of great patterns out there with lots of variety to choose from. You could pick one with a flower, a bow, a braided one, or just a plain one. Add in some creativity with color and the choices are endless. The latest headband I made is very simple; it came from the blog All About Ami and is her Knotted Headband pattern. I included a picture of my finished version of this pattern below. Here is a list of some of the many headband patterns available for free across the web with the blog/website name and the pattern name as well as a brief description of what makes each pattern unique.

Knot Your Nana’s Crochet: Braided Crochet Headband – This is a cute and simple braided headband. She has lots of cute patterns for babies and adults also.

Little Things Blogged: Summer Crochet Simple Headband – This pattern is very simple and can be made in any variety of colors to make for a cute headband in the summer. She also has many other great patterns available on her blog.

Craftstylish: Button-Bedecked Headband – A very unique pattern that can be embellished in infinite ways and color combinations. Linda Permann created this pattern and she is an amazing crochet designer. I love all her patterns and she has books available as well.

Classic Inez: Knitted-Look Flowered Headband – A big, thick headband that is sure to keep your ears and head warm. There is a pretty flower on it as well.

Hopeful Honey: Lady in Read Headband – Simple headband pattern that functional and fashionable. This one has a flower attached but you can put whatever embellishment you want on it or just leave it without one. She has other great patterns available also.

So, there are a few headband patterns for your crocheting pleasure. There are many more out there, so keep looking around and you will find the perfect one for you if it isn’t already on the list.

crochet headband