Camping outside



Spring has finally sprung and this girl is ready for some out-door activity. I have been cooped up in the four walls (well maybe more than four) all winter long, and it was a long one let me tell ya! This winter didn’t seem like it would ever end, we had a record number of snow days this year.

No more shall we suffer through another cold icy night with nothing to warm us but the fire. Ok, so that only happened one time, but still…it makes you appreciate the fact that you crochet warm fuzzy things. Am I right?

My husband and I have talked about taking my son camping before, but the idea of a small toddler toddling around an open flame just didn’t sit well with us. We put it off. I think the best starter would be a hiking day, and then after a few of those we can think about camping. THE GREAT OUTDOORS, HERE WE COME!!

And yes, I will be taking my hook and yarn…no electricity needed for that!




Succulent 6 succulent 7

One of my favorite things to do, aside from crochet, is garden. I love gardening and I love learning new information. There are so many nifty little tricks and techniques that can be used in gardening that are constantly being passed on to others. My Dad has been raising vegetable gardens his entire life and he has it down to a science. Most of what I know has come from him.

Although I do enjoy vegetable gardening for sustenance, I also enjoy flower gardening for the pure beauty of it. One of my favorite things to grow is succulents. Succulents are so easy to maintain and grow. They are kinds of cacti and a new plant can be grown from a single leaf that has fallen from another plant. Something I have done is go to a store that sells succulents and pick up the leaves that have fallen off of plants to take home and grow new plants.

Succulents do not require constant watering, and there is potting soil specifically designed for succulents and cacti that make care even better. The variety of succulents also leaves for beautiful arrangements.